What do we want from our smartwatches in 2022

2021 was a great year for smart wearables! More and more people decided to take charge of their health, thanks ( but no thanks) to the pandemic. And smartwatches became quite popular among the masses. Many industry leaders launched products that hint at the future of smart wearables.

But if we asked you – what more do you want from your smartwatch? We are sure you have many ideas. And so do we.

Here is a list of things that we want our smartwatches to have or be able to do in 2022:

  • Longer Battery life
    If you already have a smartwatch then you already knew this was coming! Many popular smartwatches from industry giants like Apple and Samsung allow usage of over 24-28 H with ‘ normal usage. That’s not good enough! We want our smartwatches to last longer and get charged quickly so that we so not have to wait. (we know how much you hate waiting for your devices to fuel up.)
  • Bigger display
    We want our smartwatches to have a bigger display so that we can enjoy a better and seamless screen time. But this does not mean that there should be an increase in the screen size. What can be looked at is slimmer beezles or even a no-bezel design
  • More health sensors, please!
    While most of the smartwatches today do come equipped with a heart rate monitor, steps tracker, sleep tracker and so on..we want our smartwatches to be able to do a little more fitness tracking. While the pandemic pushed the makers to include a SpO2 monitor in the watches there is still a huge scope of improvement in this area.

For example, inclusion of a tracker that can detect the chances of diabetes in users who have a higher blood glucose level ( and no! Smartwatches won’t be pricking our wrists to check that). Apart from that we can also have a watch which can check alcohol levels. This can be really helpful in reducing drunk driving accidents and also save us from getting beaten up at home. (you know what we mean here).

Makers can also look at personalising health and fitness tips as this will help us achieve their unique fitness goals.

  • No more different Charging cables
    Ughh.. aren’t you also tired of that wire-y mess at your tables? Moreover, ever gadget of ours supports a different type of connecting cable – some support a type C, some support micro USB, while others use cables with a magnetic switch.
    Having one type of charger for all our devices will give us freedom from searching for the right type of wires for our devices. Having a universal charger will not only make our lives easier but also help in reducing e-waste.
  • Make them a little affordable
    Smart Watches price can range anywhere between 2 thousand to 20 thousand (and much more). But do cheaper smartwatches are of lesser quality or the ones which are expensive are superior to others? Well.. the answer is yes (and a no). But there is a definite need to make sure that we have the best of features and quality without burning a hole in our pockets.

Now that we have listed down our wishes, let’s have a look at 3 best smartwatches which are very near to our vision:

boAt Watch Matrix

This smartwatch comes equipped with a 2.5D curved display that supports complete capacitive touch. The 1.65” stunning display offers enhanced and crisp image quality. With this on your wrist, you can manage your health on the go. All thanks to the heart rate tracker, the SpO2 tracker and the sleep tracker. This smartwatch for women also supports a menstruation tracker. You can also control your music and camera from your wrist.

The watch is 3 ATM water, dust and splash resistance – meaning that it is perfect for all your adventures. It offers a runtime of up to 7 days.

Noise Colorfit Pro 3

A perfect watch for the ones who like to hustle. It comes with a TruView ™ display and a 1.55” touchscreen. The 14 sports modes allow you to stay on the top of your exercises. You can use it to monitor your heart, your sleep and even track your stress levels.

The waterproof design gives you the confidence to stop at nothing. It offers a run time of up to 10 days.

Mi Watch Revolve

Stylish and sleek, this smartwatch for men will instantly add to your style game. It features a premium metallic frame with AMOLED display. You can wear it on your wrist and get real-time updates about your health.

It is 5ATM water resistant and has a battery life of up to 14 days.

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