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College students have a lot of things going on – classes, socializing, studying and more. is an online community that helps college students explore their campus life more fully by letting them upload and share photos, use a blog to post about the people they meet and events they attend, schedule events with their friends, and more.

Introducing Brixie is a website that focuses on providing college students with resources and advice on making college life as comfortable and fun as possible. The blog section of is dedicated to providing helpful tips, tricks, and advice for college students living the student lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for ways to relax after a long day of classes or need some advice on how to make friends on campus, the blog section of has you covered!

What the Blog Is About

Brixie is a website that connects students with each other in order to make the college experience more fun. They offer a forum for students to post questions and share ideas. As well as a blog section in which students can write about their experiences at school.

The Author: what makes unique?

If you’re looking for a website that will help you with all of your college needs. Look no further than Brixie is a website that specializes in helping students with everything from finding housing to getting scholarships. What makes Brixie so special? First of all, the website is updated regularly, so you always have the latest information available. Additionally, the staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and they are happy to help you in any way possible. If you’re looking for help getting started on your college journey, look no further than!

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