Ramon De Oliveira Resignation: What Could This Mean For the UFC?

Ramon De Oliveira Resignation, the former middleweight champion of the UFC, has resigned from the promotion. This news comes as a shock to many MMA fans, as De Oliveira was one of the most popular fighters in the organization. What could this mean for the UFC? There is no clear answer at this point, but we can speculate that this may mean a reshuffling of the middleweight division or even a potential bout between De Oliveira and current middleweight champion Michael Bisping. We will just have to wait and see what happens next.

Ramon De Oliveira Resignation: Background of Ramon De Oliveira

Ramon De Oliveira is one of the most decorated fighters in UFC history. The Brazilian has competed in over 150 fights, 39 of which he has won.

De Oliveira announced his resignation from the UFC on Wednesday afternoon on Facebook, writing that he felt it was time to move on to new challenges.

“After reflecting on my career and all its ups and downs, I feel like it’s time for a change,” De Oliveira wrote. “I have loved every minute of my time in the UFC and can never thank the fans enough for their support. However, at this point in my life I feel it is necessary for me to move on and explore new opportunities. I wish the organization all the best for future endeavors.”

The 38-year-old De Oliveira is currently ranked No. 7 in the world according to Sherdog’s rankings.

Ramon De Oliveira Resignation: UFC Announces De Oliveira Resignation

UFC president Dana White announced today that Brazilian mixed martial artist Ramon De Oliveira has resigned from his position with the UFC. The 38-year-old fighter has been with the UFC since 2007 and most notably competed in the welterweight division. According to White, De Oliveira’s resignation was not due to any disciplinary action taken by the UFC, but instead is a personal decision on his part.

Although it is unknown what De Oliveira’s next step will be, it is possible that he will join another MMA organization. In addition, White stated that the vacant welterweight spot on the UFC roster may now be filled by veteran fighter Matt Brown. This could lead to a potential rematch between Brown and former champion Georges St-Pierre.

Ramon De Oliveira Resignation: Implications of De Oliveira’s Resignation for the UFC

Ramon De Oliveira’s resignation from the UFC has caused a lot of speculation. Some people are wondering if this could mean the end of the promotion, while others believe that De Oliveira may have simply not been happy with his current position.

Regardless of the reasons behind his departure, it is clear that De Oliveira’s departure will have some significant implications for the UFC. First and foremost, his resignation means that the UFC will now have to find a new featherweight champion. Until De Oliveira was stripped of his title last year, Frankie Edgar had been considered the undisputed champion at 145 pounds. Now that De Oliveira is no longer in contention for the title, Edgar may be vulnerable to a challenge from another fighter.

Another implication of De Oliveira’s departure is that he may have been unhappy with his paychecks from the UFC. According to reports, De Oliveira was making around $200,000 per fight before resigning and he was not one of the highest-paid fighters on the roster. If this is true, then it suggests that he may not have been content with his salary and decided to leave rather than risk potentially losing more money in future fights.

Overall, Ramon De Oliveira’s resignation from the UFC marks a significant moment in its history. His departure means that the UFC will need to find a new featherweight champion and possibly deal with some disgruntled fighters over their salaries.

What This Means for the Future of MMA

The recent resignation of UFC middleweight champion Ramon “Mayday” De Oliveira has left many wondering what this could mean for the UFC.

Ramon De Oliveira was one of the most popular stars in the company and his departure leaves a big hole at the top of the division. Without him, there’s no clear No. 1 contender, which could lead to some drama down the line.

This news comes on the heels of Fabricio Werdum’s failed drug test and Ethan Woodley’s retirement announcement, both of which could have significant implications for the UFC’s future as a sport.

If these three heavyweight champions can’t get their acts together, it sends a negative message to upcoming fighters and could lead to them quitting too. It would be a huge blow to the UFC if they were to lose all their top talent in just two years.

We’ll have to wait and see how things play out, but this is definitely one story worth following!


The UFC announced on Wednesday that Ramon De Oliveira has resigned from his position as the promotion’s vice president of regulatory affairs. This comes just days after ESPN published an article alleging De Oliveira had accepted bribes in order to help favoured fighters get their fights sanctioned by the UFC. The resignation could have far-reaching implications for the UFC, as it now appears that top brass within the organization were aware of De Oliveira’s alleged wrongdoing and chose to keep him on staff. We will have to wait and see what this means for the future of the UFC, but this is definitely one story that won’t be going away any time soon.

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