How Much mg In Vape Juice is Equivalent to Cigarettes?

Though cigarettes are not comparable to vapes, making a competitive differentiation is essential. Since cigarettes are way more harmful than vapes, there isn’t a point where both effects equalise, but still, a new vaper needs to differentiate between them in terms of quantities. People who have recently switched from smoking to vaping need to know how much they are consuming as a replacement for cigarettes.

For example, if an individual smoked a pack of 20 cigarettes, what mg of vape juice would it use to have an equal quantity. Regardless of the types of vapes, disposable vapes like Elux legend and Crystal bar vape or reusable vapes, knowing the vape juice quantity is crucial. This will ensure the new vaper whether vaping is satisfying its needs after the conversion or not. Before looking into the details of how much mg is equal to cigarettes, it is beneficial to know how the vape juice is measured. Nicotine levels in e-liquid are often measured in mg/ml, with bottles containing 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg of nicotine. This indicates the percentage of liquid nicotine in a bottle vs. the amount of e-liquid in the bottle.

But what about other ingredients or content in a vape juice that are needed to be considered. Some factors in this regard include the flavours and VG and PG ratio in vape juice. Now let’s look into the quantity of each element in vape juice one by one.

How much nicotine in vape juice equals cigarettes?

Nicotine is the main element in a vape juice which is considered the most significant when comparing quantities. Since nicotine is the top reason why millions of people convert from smoking to vaping and this is due to many known facts. Some of which are discussed in this blog, including vapes, disposable vape like Elf bar 1500 as well as reusable vapes contain less intensity and quantity of nicotine than traditional cigarettes.

Usually, a vape contains 20mg of nic-salt in 2ml of liquid, whereas a pack of cigarettes holds around 40mg of nicotine. Not just cigarettes carry more quantity of nicotine but also have it in its pure form rather than vapes which have it in saturated form. However a typical smoker inhales around 1mg to 2mg of nicotine in pure form per cigarette while a vaper has the liberty to choose the Nic Salt level from 0mg to 36mg according to its preference.

Keeping that in mind considering the comparison of vape e-juice and cigarettes is irrelevant, but still if one wants to know then it can be said that one mg of vape juice equals a cigarette. Notably, this is just a rough estimation and only answers for the quantitative measures of vape juice compared with cigarettes. In regards to intensity and effects, it is more factual than vapes are much less harmful than cigarettes.

Considering the Quantity of E-juice Flavour with a Cigarette:

Flavour concentrates in a vape is a combo of natural and artificial flavouring which is used to replicate the taste of the original food or drink. Also, when a vape juice is created a simple flavour such as raspberry can take a combination of different flavouring concentrates to replicate the same taste of the raspberry fruit. Significantly it is seen that disposable vapes, as well as reusable vapes, have a vast number of exciting flavours.

Flavour does make up no more than 10% of the total e-juice content. For example, if you’re making a 10ml e-juice then only 1ml will be the flavour that will be required. Therefore, if you consider 2mg of whole e-juice equal to a cigarette then such a small quantity as 0.002 ml of segregated flavour concentrates is considered in an e-juice.

Hence, due to such a small quantity and in liquid form, it is not comparable with elements of cigarettes.

The VG and PG Ratios in mg Compared with Cigarettes

VG and PG are one of the main elements in a vape e-juice. First, Vegetable glycerin (VG) is a vivid and thick liquid typically driven from soybeans or palm trees. It can also be made from animal fat which is less common.  PG is often employed as a food additive because of its capacity to retain moisture, thicken recipes, and link diverse components together.

Both VG and PG together are also included in tobacco of cigarettes in the quantity of around 2.4%, which is higher than in vapes. Since the quantity of VG and PG are adjustable in vapes, one can choose the ratios per preference. Importantly, this option isn’t available for disposable vapes.


The vape juice couldn’t be compared with the cigarettes except for the quantity of nicotine,  due to two factors, one is cigarette substances are in solid form and the second is cigarette elements get burnt and are variable in their state. They take a different shape and show variance in quantity when getting through combustion.

Whether vapes juice in disposable vapes or reusable vapes the quantity isn’t suitably comparable with the cigarettes. Evidently, the vapes are much less than traditional cigarettes, in fact, according to NHS (National Health Service) vapes are 95% safer.

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