Harimanga: The New Manga Trend

The world of manga is a mysterious and exciting one. It’s packed full of vivid characters and intricate plots, and it’s easy to see why it has become such a popular genre. But what is the latest manga trend? And how can you get involved if you’re not already? That’s what we’re here to discuss in this article. We will introduce you to Harimanga, and explain why it’s becoming so popular among manga readers. We’ll also give you some tips on how to get started if you want to dip your toe into the world of manga.

What is Harimanga?

For a generation of manga fans, Harimanga is as iconic a series as Naruto or One Piece. It tells the story of high school girls in rural Japan who band together to oppose an evil corporation that wants to build a hydroelectric plant on their river.

Released in serialization form in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine from 2002-2004, Harimanga has since gone out of print and is no longer available in stores. However, due to its popularity and wide appeal, dozens of fans have translated the series into various languages and made fan films based on it.

This year, Kodansha has released a new edition of the series with newly drawn artwork by artist Yoshitaka Amano (Final Fantasy VII) and re-written dialogue by Japanese author Nariaki Karube (Baccano!). The book is set for release in December 2015 and will be available for purchase at comic stores worldwide.

How does Harimanga work?

Harimanga is a manga trend that began in Japan in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Harimanga comics are a unique type of manga that combine traditional Japanese drawing styles with American comic book panel layouts. The result is a manga style that is both unique and visually stunning.

Harimanga comics were created as a way to create manga that was more visually appealing than the traditional, simple drawings found in most manga. American comic book panel layouts are often used in anime and video games, but they are not always well-suited to creating manga illustrations. Japanese artists who wanted to create HARIMANGA comic books had to learn how to use these new formatting techniques, which resulted in some truly impressive comics.

The popularity of Harimanga comics has spread internationally, and many famous British cartoonists have created works using this format. Harimanga comics have also become increasingly popular in China, where they are often used to promote new animation and film projects.

Why is Harimanga gaining popularity?

Since its inception, manga has been a popular medium for storytelling. With its rich and varied history, manga continues to fascinate readers with its imaginative worlds and compelling characters. One of the newest and most popular manga genres is Harimanga, which is inspired by Japanese folklore and mythology.

Harimanga is characterized by its creative artistry and unique storylines that are often inspired by Japanese folklore and mythology. The genre offers a refreshing alternative to the more commonly seen manga styles, such as Romance or Comedy.

One of the reasons Harimanga has become so popular is because it offers a unique perspective on traditional Japanese culture. By exploring different myths and legends, Harimanga provides a new lens through which to view Japan’s history and traditions.

Another reason why Harimanga is gaining popularity is because of its diverse range of characters and storylines. While many manga are focused on teenage protagonists who are trying to find their place in the world, Harimanga focuses on adult characters who are coping with life’s challenges. This makes the genre more interesting and accessible to a wider audience.

Overall, Harimanga is a captivating genre that offers a fresh perspective on classic Japanese culture. It is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of manga storytelling, thanks in part to its diverse range of characters and storylines.

The Different Types of Harimanga Manga

Manga, or comics in Japan, are a popular and diverse form of media. In recent years, manga has experienced a resurgence in popularity with readers and has been classified as a “new manga trend.” What is the new manga trend? Manga is typically an illustrated format that tells stories through individual panels. The story is often coupled with expressive and detailed artwork. This type of manga can be divided into two major types: shonen manga, which typically focuses on action and adventure; and shoujo manga, which typically focuses on romance and relationships. Harimanga manga falls under the shoujo category. What makes harimanga different from other shoujo manga?

One major difference between harimanga and other shoujo manga is the use of humor. Harimanga humor often comes in the form of puns or wacky hijinks that make for entertaining reading. Another distinguishing feature of harimanga is its focus on love stories. Often times, the focus on love stories takes center stage over any other plot point in harimanga comics. While there are exceptions to this rule, most harimanga comics tend to focus heavily on romantic relationships between characters. Why is this genre gaining popularity?

There are several reasons why harimanga may be experiencing increased popularity among readers. First, many readers appreciate rom-coms thatfeature strong characters who stand up for themselves against difficult odds despite having to navigate complicated romantic situations. Second, many people find joy in

The Benefits of Reading

Reading manga is a great way to escape from reality and gain some new knowledge. Manga has been around for many years, but it has recently become popular again.

There are many benefits to reading manga, including:

-The ability to learn new things. Manga can teach you about different cultures, lifestyles, and customs.

-The opportunity to develop your imagination. Manga allows you to explore different worlds and characters without having to worry about factual accuracy.

-The opportunity to express yourself creatively. You can create your own stories and characters, which is a fun exercise for your brain and your imagination.


As a manga reader, it’s always exciting to see new and innovative genres enter the market. It seems like every day there is a new manga trend that catches our attention. Whether it be the return of BL (boys love) manga, or Harimanga (manga about girls), we’re definitely excited about this latest trend in Japanese comics. If you’re curious about what Harimanga is all about, be sure to check out some of our favorite titles below!

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