Felicia Jones – A Biography

Felicia Jones has a turbulent past. She fled her hometown in disguise to help her grandmother, but was later kidnappe by Cesar Faison. She was save by Mac, and the couple went to a dude ranch. When her mother dieunexpectedly, she was left with the baby girl. However, she was unable to leave her daughter with Mac, and she reconnected with him through Frisco. She married Mac, but after the birth of the baby, she was rejecte by the town.

Her first love, Luke Spencer, had been the father of her children

, but the two had fallen in love. They decide to get marrie, and their daughter, Maxie, became pregnant. In order to prevent the murder of her daughter, she wrote Lila’s memoir. But she soon discovered that her daughters hated her. After her divorce, Felicia was unable to leave her daughters, and she decided to return to Port Charles to look for them.

She left town after the birth of Georgie and was obsesse with her new family. remarrie Cotton, and their daughter, Lila, had a nervous breakdown. jealous of her cousin Luke Spencer, who was writing Lila Quartermaine’s memoirs. eventually decided to marry Colton and had a romantic relationship with him. She married Mac in 2002. They were reunite in 2009. In 2005, the children had a baby girl and a baby boy.

Felicia’s second love, Frisco, left town too.

They stalked by her boyfriend, Kevin Collins, who was suffering from a nervous breakdown. She got back together with Mac in 1998. She was jealous of her new love interest, Luke Spencer, because he was traveling with him. While she was traveling with Luke, she began a romantic relationship with him. The two began dating and even went on vacation together.

After the birth of their first child, Felicia and Mac divorced. While they had a romantic relationship, they broke up in 2001. She married a former boyfriend, Mac Scorpio, and had two daughters. After the divorce, they were back together. The couple had a daughter, Maxie, who had been adopte by a foster family. In the third season of the show, they had a child named George. But the children’s deaths made them split up.

After the birth of her daughter, Felicia and Mac were reunite in the following season. During their time together, they became friends, and eventually dated. In addition, the couple had two children, Georgie and Mac. Both of them were born in different years. But Felicia and Mac were still together. After the divorce, they were partnere. The divorce ended in 2006 and were back together in 2007. A couple of months later, they began dating.

The two had been dating for a few months, and the relationship was on a good footing.

She met her future husband at the Asian Quarter and dated him during the show. Afterwards, she fell in love with her friend, B.J. She later dated him again, but both remained faithful to each other. While they were marrie, the couple had two daughters, and their relationship grew. They eventually got back together and began dating.

The couple separated. After the divorce, they stayed friends. The two were close to each other. They had two children together. After the divorce, they stayed friends and dated for several years. But in the show, they were still single. The drama intensified when her daughter Georgie was born. Both of them had a child with a man they loved. After the divorce, they remained close friends. Despite the fact that they had been separated for several years, they were still able to remain friendly and become romantically involved.

After her divorce, Felicia was dating two men.

In the series, she became involved in an investigation involving a murderer who killed her daughter. She later met Dillon, who had also been murdered by Frisco. After the divorce, she dated Dillon’s ex-husband, Mac Scorpio. Their affair continued into the next season. Nevertheless, she was never able to forget the tragedy she had just witnessed.

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