Capital University Zakk Jones: The Freedom to Find Your Voice

Capital University Zakk Jones: Zakk Jones is an accomplished musician and singer. He’s also the founder of Capital University, a non-profit organization that teaches music to underprivileged students. In this interview, Zakk speaks about the importance of finding your voice and using it to make a difference in the world. He shares stories of how music has helped him heal, connect with others, and create change. If you’re looking for inspiration, or just want to learn more about Zakk Jones and Capital University, read on!

Capital University Zakk Jones: Zakk Jones, Capital University Student

Zakk Jones is a rising sophomore at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio. He is currently a political science major and minoring in public speaking. Zakk’s favorite classes are American government and public speaking.

Zakk was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. His parents are both educators and his older brother also attends Capital University. Zakk has always enjoyed activism and participating in politics. As a high school student he was an intern for Rep. Joyce Beatty (OH-3rd) and campaigned for her during her congressional race.

In 2016, Zakk founded the campus chapter of Young Americans for Liberty (YAL). YAL is a libertarian activist group that promotes free markets, individual freedom, limited government, and peace through international diplomacy. The goal of YAL is to bring libertarian values to college campuses nationwide through activism, education, and coalition building.[1]

Since founding YAL at Capital University, Zakk has worked tirelessly to promote liberty on campus and throughout Central Ohio. He has spoken at events hosted by the Young Republicans of Central Ohio as well as the Columbus College Republicans Club. In March of this year he delivered the keynote address at an event sponsored by the Heartland Institute entitled “The Myth of Climate Change: Why So Many People Believe In An Unscientific Theory.”

In addition to his work with YAL, Zakk is also a member of Campus Reform Action Network (CRAN), Student Free Press Association (SFP

Capital University Zakk Jones: The Importance of Speaking Out

Zakk Jones is one of Capital University’s most visible and accomplished alumni. He has used his voice to advocate for social justice, both on and off campus.

Jones, a business major who graduated in 2013, spoke out about the importance of free speech after the school failed to punish a student who created a pro-police chalk mural on campus. The decision not to take any disciplinary action sparked protests from students who argued that the administration was not doing enough to support police officers.

“The thing that I found really interesting about this whole situation was how Capital University came down on one side or the other,” Jones said. “They were saying that freedom of speech trumps all other values, but then they didn’t actually do anything about it.”

Jones believes that people should be able to freely express their opinions, no matter how contentious they may be. Speaking out is an important part of achieving social justice, he says, and it’s something he will continue to do as long as he feels like he’s getting results.

“It’s easy for me to sit back and say this stuff because I have the platform I do,” Jones said. “But if nobody else speaks up, then things are going to stay the same.”

How Zakk Jones Found His Voice

Zakk Jones, a communications major at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio, found his voice while working on a project for his communications class. The project was to create and present a public speakingposal. After struggling to find his voice for months, Zakk finally realized that he needed to listen more than he talked. “I started listening more and stopped wasting my time worrying about what people were going to think of me,” he said.

Zakk’s mentor, Dr. Shannon Brownlee-Lopez, helped him to find his voice and helped him develop tools for communicating effectively. “Dr. Brownlee-Lopez helped me realize that I wasn’t afraid of speaking in front of people because I was insecure; I was afraid because I didn’t know how to speak well,” Zakk said.

Nowadays, Zakk uses his voice not just for public speaking but also for advocacy work and writing articles. He said that finding his voice has given him the freedom to do what he loves and contribute to society in ways that matter most to him.

The Importance of Freedom

Zakk Jones is an accomplished and influential voice on freedom. He has spoken at the United Nations, testified before Congress, and written extensively on the importance of free speech, liberty, and the freedom to express oneself.

In his talk at Capital University, Zakk discussed how our individual freedoms are essential to a healthy democracy. He noted that without personal freedom, individuals cannot freely express themselves or criticize government policies. Zakk also pointed out that too much government control can stifle creativity and limit individual choice.

Zakk is an eloquent advocate for freedom and its importance to our society. His words inspire us to fight for the rights of all individuals, no matter their political beliefs or background. Thank you, Zakk Jones, for speaking out on behalf of freedom!

Zakk Jones’ Future Plans

Zakk Jones is looking to take his music career to the next level. The Freedom to Find Your Voice artist is gearing up for a busy 2017, which includes touring and working on new material. “I’m really excited about 2017,” Zakk said. “It’s going to be a very active year for me.” Zakk plans to tour extensively, playing shows in several different states. He’s also hoping to release new music in the near future. Zakk is focusing on creating quality music that speaks to his fans and interests him as an artist. “I want my fans to feel like they’re getting their money’s worth with every show,” he said. Zakk wants his music to reflect who he is as a person, and he wants it to be relatable for everyone. By staying true to himself, Zakk believes he can create something special for his fans. Zakk has always been passionate about music and has never stopped exploring new territories in the industry. He’s determined to continue making great music that will touch people’s lives.”

Zakk Jones’ goal is simple: To make art that speaks directly to the people who listen. His ambitious slate of upcoming projects – including touring extensively, releasing new music, and cultivating relationships with his fanbase – confirms that this goal remains one of utmost importance for him. As one of Capital University’s most recognizable alumni, Zakk has unique insight into what it takes Burbank-native musicians aspire towards in order not only achieve


Zakk Jones is an artist and singer-songwriter who has found success through his music. He began playing guitar at the young age of six, and by the time he was in middle school, he had written his first song. Zakk attended Capital University in Columbus, Ohio, where he majored in music performance and minored in creative writing. After college, Zakk moved to Nashville to pursue a career as a country singer. However, it was there that Zakk discovered his true passion: performing funk and soul covers with a band called The Dissidents. Today, Zakk continues to write songs and perform around the United States while also working on new album projects. In this interview, we discuss what it takes for an artist to find their voice and how Capital University helped him find it.

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