Amou Haji Cause Of Death: What We Know So Far

Amou Haji Cause Of Death: The internet is awash with stories of people who have lived eccentric lifestyles. often, these people are heralded as heroes or pioneers. But the story of Amou Haji is different. Amou Haji is a man from Iran who, according to reports, has not bathed in 60 years. He also doesn’t eat cooked food, instead opting for raw meat and rotisserie-style animals. On top of that, he allegedly only smokes animal dung. Haji’s story went viral in recent years, with many people wondering how he could live such a lifestyle. Now, however, we know the answer: he has passed away at the age of 80. In this blog post, we will explore what we know about Amou Haji and his cause of death.

Amou Haji Cause Of Death: What was Amou Haji’s cause of death?

The cause of Amou Haji’s death is still unknown, but there are some theories. One theory is that he died of natural causes, as he was very old. Another theory is that he committed suicide, as he was living in a very harsh conditions.

Amou Haji Cause Of Death: How did Amou Haji live?

It is believed that Amou Haji lived for over 80 years without bathing, brushing his teeth, or trimming his nails. He reportedly survived on a diet of raw meat, tobacco, and animal dung. Haji was said to have been a hermit who lived in isolation in the Iranian desert.

Some believe that Haji’s extreme lifestyle contributed to his long life. Others speculate that he may have had an infection that made him immune to bacteria. Whatever the case may be, Amou Haji’s life was certainly unique.

What can we learn from Amou Haji’s life?

We can learn a lot from Amou Haji’s life. For one, we can learn that it is possible to live a very long and healthy life without modern conveniences like electricity, running water, or even toilet paper. Haji proves that it is possible to live a rustic lifestyle and still be in good health. Additionally, we can learn from Haji that it is important to maintain a positive outlook on life, no matter what hardships one may face. Finally, we can take away from Haji’s life that it is never too late to make positive changes in one’s life.


The death of Amou Haji has left many people wondering what could have caused such a thing. While we may never know for sure, there are some theories that suggest possible causes. It is important to remember that no matter what the cause of death ends up being, Amou Haji was a remarkable person who lived an extraordinary life.

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